Membership categories

There are six categories of membership in the institute. These are;

  • Full Member: This is a person who has passed the Qualifying examinations for persons intending to work for Legal metrology authorities as inspectors and practising in the legal metrology field or a related consumer protection field.
  • Associate Member: Shall be a person who is a practising Assistant Legal Metrologist
  • Student Member: This is a person who is undergoing training in legal metrology. Membership in this category shall be limited to a period of five years without the option of re-admission upon expiry.
  • Observer Member: This is a company or institution engaged in as manufacture, overhaul or servicing of legal metrology instruments
  • Fellow : This is a Full Member who:
    •  has made invaluable contribution to the legal metrology profession or the Institute, and
    • has satisfied such requirements as may be prescribed by the Council, and
    • is recommended by the Council to the General Assembly for admission into fellowship.
  • Honorary Member: This is a person of eminence in the field of standardization, scientific metrology and accreditation services whose membership would, in the opinion of the Council, further the aims of the Institute

The Governance Structure

    1. The Council
      • This is the governing body of the Institute and is responsible for the overall implementation of decisions of the General Assembly, oversight of the other organs of the Institute and the general management of the affairs of the Institute
    2. The Board of Examiners (BOE)
      • This is the body responsible for the management of the examinations administered by the Institute.
    3. Committees
      • These are functional organs of the Council through which it executes decisions of the General Assembly. There are five committees i.e. The Professional Practice and Ethics Committee, The Training and Research Committee, The Publicity and Communications Committee, The Finance and Procurement Committee, and The Investment and Immovable Property Management Committee.